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Work experience

Purpose: of the internship program is to develop an interest of service in our youth whole helping them become responsible, active citizens. Our mission is to instill in our youth a sense of awareness of the multiple needs this community has.

  • I. Community service: refers to but is not limited to working with organizations (for-profit/non- profit, civics, politics and businesses) so that they can use that service as reference or learning experience. The students will contribute to events, daily activities of the business or organization as explained by the supervisor or manager. (Unpaid) the manager or supervisor will provide a reference letter for student’s folder.

  • II. Unpaid internship: provides a student with work experience in a specific industry student is actively studying. Unpaid interns may gain employment sole at the request of the employer. Students can use it as a job reference for future employment.

  • III. Paid internship: students are provided with stipend as a way to help them with their basic expenses. Amount to be determined by the employer.


  • IV. Summer youth employment: focused in placing students on local businesses. (paid)

  • V. After-school work: this program is focused on providing students with employment during the will work a few extra hours. (paid)