Welcome to webpage for the Hempstead Chamber of Commerce. I am your current President, Dennis Jones.

We are excited as we embarked on our new fiscal year started on July 1st. We have new members to our board and new members to the chamber and once again we are ready to enjoy the great summer here in Hempstead. There will be many events, fairs, programs and networking opportunities for our residents, members and board to attend. Among the events we will be hosting our Annual Empowerment Luncheon on Saturday, October 10th, at The African American Museum here in Hempstead. Don’t miss it, you will be hearing more about that event shortly.

Use this site to find local businesses to patronize and network with. We are getting ready to launch the “HEMPSTEAD APP” for your mobile phones and will make local shopping and event sharing much easier, more fun and right at your fingertips. This app will be free to all to download and will give our businesses a chance to directly market to their best customers, share coupon deals and building clientele.

We are currently having our summer membership drive till September. This is a great chance to join the team and strengthen the commerce in Hempstead. Together we can do all that is needed to continue to increase the economic development of our village.

Remember we have a scheduled meeting set for the last Wednesday of each month. Contact us at 516 292-3800 for locations. I see great things in the future for the Village of Hempstead. So see you around or at our next networking event.

Our Business Members

They’re a part of great things happening in the Village of Hempstead!